LillianCare, a pioneering healthcare company dedicated to tackling Germany's critical physician shortage, proudly announces the successful completion of a €1.5 million extension funding round. Nina Capital and Caesar led the extension, highlighting their ongoing commitment to LillianCare's vision. This round also welcomed several new investors, including Ship2B Ventures (through the BSocial Impact Fund, supported by the EIF, Banco Sabadell, and AXIS), underscoring strong confidence in LillianCare’s mission and innovative approach.

New Investors Join the Mission

The funding round attracted several new investors, including Ship2B Ventures, which made a significant investment as a new co-investor. As an impact investment company, Ship2B’s involvement emphasizes belief in LillianCare’s commitment.

“LillianCare’s innovative hybrid practice model and dedication to improving healthcare accessibility resonates deeply with our mission to drive social impact,” said Jordi Ferrer, Investment Director at Ship2B. “We believe their approach will not only provide immediate relief to underserved communities but also set a new standard in the healthcare industry.”

Other notable new investors include Atlantis Ventures, Stefan Menden, Pascal Werner, and Markus Frühwein, a member of LillianCare’s advisory board. Their participation brings additional expertise and validation to LillianCare’s innovative approach.

Reaffirmed Commitment from Existing Investors

Leading investors Nina Capital and Caesar, along with Calm/Storm Ventures and Björn von Siemens, have once again demonstrated their support by reinvesting in LillianCare. This continued backing from established investors underscores their belief in LillianCare’s ability to address Germany's urgent general healthcare needs.

“We’ve already seen the positive impact of LillianCare's two established practices in Nastätten and Neuerburg,” said Marc Subirats, General Partner at Nina Capital. “We are excited to continue supporting their journey and look forward to seeing further practices open across Germany.”

Dr. Carolin Gabor, Managing Partner at Caesar, added, “With 4,100 general practitioner positions currently unfilled, the urgency of an innovative solution like LillianCare's is evident. We are proud to support the team's mission and look forward to the positive impact they will continue to make.”

“We are humbled and grateful for the continued support from our current investors and excited to welcome new investors who share our vision,” said Linus Drop, CEO and Co-Founder of LillianCare.

About LillianCare

LillianCare is an innovative healthcare company addressing the urgent problem of physician shortages in Germany. Our mission is to ensure high-quality, local medical care for everyone by establishing hybrid general medical practices nationwide. By utilizing proven international models, delegating medical tasks to qualified professionals, and creating a modern working environment through flexible work models, teamwork, and innovative technologies, LillianCare aims to provide excellent care for its patients. Our long-term goal is to develop stable, nationwide solutions for patient-centered medicine in underserved regions. LillianCare sees itself as a partner with communities, health insurance providers, and medical associations, taking responsibility for regional healthcare provision. For more information, visit

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