The initiative is based on the production of KUDURA energy hubs. Thanks to agreements reached by RVE.SOL, this technology has already been introduced in Uganda, Nigeria, Mozambique and Angola.

KIC InnoEnergy, an energy- and sustainability-focused ecosystem of entrepreneurs created by ESADE and the Technical University of Catalonia (UPC), has invested in the Portuguese company RVE.SOL. The purpose of the investment is to assist in the struggle against climate change through a project that will provide access to potable water and sustainable energy at affordable prices in rural areas of Africa. The initiative is based on the production of energy hubs known as "KUDURA", Swahili for "power to change". The hubs use wastewater, agricultural waste, solar energy and animal manure to generate potable water, electricity, biogas and organic fertiliser.

KUDURA energy hubs consist of a hybrid solar photovoltaic plant, a biogas and organic fertiliser plant, and a water purification plant. According to Josep Miquel Torregrosa, Business Creation Officer at KIC InnoEnergy, "This unique project provides energy and water in developing countries. It’s easy to implement in any location and affordable enough so that government institutions or the companies that sell them can get a return on their investment at a reasonable price."

RVE.SOL already has agreements for the KUDURA initiative in Uganda, Nigeria, Mozambique and Angola. According to Vivian Vendeirinho, the company’s founder and CEO, "KUDURA offers rural communities the advantage of an energy solution that enables them to manage their resources and reinvest the resulting profits in other projects." Mr. Vendeirinho added: "KIC InnoEnergy’s investment is proof of its role as an industry player capable of achieving fundamental changes in energy models in developing countries. Renewable energy and water treatment create jobs, prevent deforestation and reduce carbon emissions."

Created by the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT) in 2010, KIC InnoEnergy is based at ESADECREAPOLIS. With this investment, KIC InnoEnergy has increased its presence in Portugal. The initiative also has offices in Lisbon that provide support to start-ups interested in creating businesses related to the renewable-energy industry.

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