WA4STEAM members announce they have completed the investment in the 1st seed capital round of Jump Into Reality,creators of the leading VR software for interior designers.

For WA4STEAM, an association of women business angels committed to invest and support STEAM related start-ups led by women, the investment in Jump into Reality was a perfect match: “The Jump Into Reality team is experience and has an excellent background. The product is very innovative not only for interior designers but also for furniture stores because it’s very user friendly. We like Linda Facchinetti’s international vision and the VR technology they are using, in full expansion. That is why we have decided to support the project”, said Pilar Trucios, Wa4steam’s cofounder

Founded in 2017, Jump Into Reality® is an award-winning woman-led team of dedicated engineers, designers, programmers and business professionals.Their vision is to democratise access to disruptive technologies for interior design professionals and consumers of 21st century by winning the global interior design tech space with their disruptive and patentedsolution.

Linda Facchinetti, co-founder and CEO of Jump Into Reality values positively the impact that WA4STEAM business angels will have in the development and growth of her venture: “we had been following closely the work of WA4STEAM and felt that their Page2of2vision of inclusiveness and fair access to opportunities for women founders was a perfect match with our mission to democratise access to technology. We now look forward to benefiting from the broad skill set of its members to help Jump Into Reality lead the way in the VR/AR space with our game-changing proprietary technology”. WA4STEAM members are not just driven by profitability; María Taboada emphasized “we work to increase the presence of women in the early-stage investment phase and to provide not only seed capitalto women entrepreneurs but also to become a strategic partner,nurturing women future leaders and role models for girls and women of all ages and Linda Facchinettiis a great role model”


WA4STEAM is a on-for-profit association of women business angels that provide seed capital and support to STEAM start-ups led by women.

WA4STEAM aspires to be a reference within the start-up ecosystem by democratizing women business angel investing and helping women-led STEAM projects to become profitable enterprises. It aims to be a cohesive body of knowledge for both,women angels (WA) and women entrepreneurs (WE) as well as a community of networking.

The broad skill set of its members, its dual approach to investing, driven by socio-economic profitability and technological impact, together with its strong values make WA4STEAM a unique organization that:

• Promotes women’s entrepreneurship initiatives in STEAM.

• Fosters women’s talent and innovation in STEAM.

• Influences society towards gender equality in STEAM.

• Encourages women’s greater participation in financing STEAM projects.

• Creates a collaborative environment that allows women entrepreneurs to find the tools and the support to develop their business projects.

• Promotes networking between professionals, entrepreneurs and other organizations.

For more information, visit www.wa4steam.com

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