The entertainment industry is poised to finally unlock the power of data

por Arthur D. Little

Media companies need to evolve their technology capabilities to turn passive, cookie-cutter models into data-intelligent, transformative, value-added ones. They can do this by adopting technologies th...

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OEMs: Time for a connectivity management sourcing strategy refresh?

por Arthur D. Little

In this Viewpoint, we discuss the impact that the transition from classic subscriber identity module (SIM) cards to embedded SIM (eSIM) cards will have on the Internet of Things (IoT) value chain. The...

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EZ Telecom cierra una ronda de 500.000 € liderada por Faraday para acelerar su crecimiento

por Faraday Venture Partners

La telco española EZ Easy Telecom, especializada en soluciones de distribución de líneas móviles y fibra marca blanca para operadores y distribuidores locales especialmente en zonas rurales de Esp...

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How telecom operators can accelerate customer migration to advanced networks

por Arthur D. Little

The telecom industry is evolving rapidly, simultaneously witnessing the rise of new, advanced network transitions while current technology becomes obsolete. This Viewpoint explores how mobile telecom ...

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The AI-amplified telco: How to expand beyond use cases

por Arthur D. Little

AI is already demonstrating the potential for significant financial, organizational, and operational benefits. A sharp focus on the three building blocks of next-gen customer engagement, tech factory ...

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Axon moves into Cloud Technology

by Axon Partners Group

cloud technology

Bet Capital Group adquiere el grupo hote...

by Bet Capital

Bet Capital Group, la gestora de fondos de inversión, adquiere el gru...

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