All4Zero, the industrial technology innovation hub founded by ArcelorMittal, Holcim, Iberia and Repsol, has attracted 186 proposals in response to the open call for its first five technological challenges to decarbonise industrial activity. The call, which was launched on 6 February, has attracted considerable interest from startups, technology centres and universities, as reflected in the large number of proposals received, not only from Spain but also from abroad. All4Zero will now select up to ten projects to carry out proofs of concept in the hub members' industrial facilities.

The high number of proposals received highlights the need to foster an innovation ecosystem for the development of disruptive technological solutions essential for the decarbonisation of industry. All4Zero plays a key role in this process, fostering collaboration and forging strategic alliances to facilitate this goal. The hub not only embodies its purpose of leading the transformation towards a more sustainable future, but also positions itself as a key player in promoting and supporting innovative talent globally.

Of the more than 180 technological solutions presented, 66% of them correspond to the national level, which demonstrates the dynamism and initiative of the Spanish innovative ecosystem. However, the international spirit of the hub is also reflected in the large number of technological projects presented. Of the total, 32% come from countries such as the United States, Israel, Canada, Norway, France, Mexico and Brazil.

The projects selected to develop their proofs of concept will receive a boost to test their technologies and scale them up, as well as contribute to transforming the industrial landscape, with cutting-edge and sustainable solutions that help reduce emissions and boost the circular economy.

These challenges and the resulting proofs of concept that will be carried out represent an opportunity for startups, technology centres and universities to scale their technologies in industrial centres and with expert technologists and scientists from major industrial companies, and reflect the relevance and commitment to decarbonisation and the circular economy of industry in our country.

Quality projects for different technological challenges

The proposals respond to five of the challenges facing the industry, which were prioritised by All4Zero given their relevance and potential for development opportunities. 27% of the technological solutions presented are related to the capture and use of CO2. This is followed by projects aimed at waste recovery (26%), renewable hydrogen production (16.5%), water resource management (16%) and sustainable aviation fuels (SAF) and other renewable fuels, and CO2 mineralisation (14.5%).

In terms of origin, 66% of the technologies presented come from startups, while 32% of them come from universities and research centres, such as CSIC, IMDEA, CENER, TECNALIA, EURECAT or IDONIAL, centres that already collaborate with All4Zero.

"The response we have seen to our call is tangible proof of Spain's innovative potential. It is a crucial time to support these initiatives that might otherwise face the challenge of the 'valley of death', that critical phase that stands between a promising idea and its successful realisation in the market," says Gema García, president of All4Zero and director of Open Innovation and Corporate Venture at Repsol. "Our mission is to bridge that gap, facilitating access to essential resources and development opportunities in the real industry, something we will continue to work on in the coming months".

To this end, once the most outstanding projects have been selected from among the 186 proposals, over the next few weeks, ideas will be selected for proof of concept testing. Afterwards, All4Zero will provide a scenario where the technologies can be tested, adjusted and validated in a real industrial context, making the facilities of the hub partners available to those selected, with the help of their scientists and technicians.

About All4Zero

All4Zero is a private, multi-sector and non-profit industrial technology innovation hub, unique in Spain, driven by ArcelorMittal, Holcim, Iberia and Repsol, leading companies in different sectors, which have joined forces in this pioneering initiative, motivated by a common goal: to accelerate the development of disruptive technologies and projects that contribute to decarbonization and the circular economy.

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