UNINVEST is a society that manages venture capital bodies. It was created to promote knowledge transfer from public research centres to Society by creating firms.

Our motto is “We Finance Knowledge”, which is our reason for being: encouraging the creation of firms promoted by university researchers and/or based on technologies developed in universities by contributing venture capital in initial phases and supporting the firm’s promotional team

Driven by collaboration among Universities, financial institutions and private firms, UNINVEST covers 700,000 students, 58,000 teachers, 600 university departments and 30 innovation and technology centres, or foundations.

UNINVEST manages the R&D UNIFONDO venture capital fund, which has a capital of 18.5 million euros. The R&D UNIFONDO is constituted for the purpose of financing innovative firms which employ knowledge and technologies developed in Spanish Universities and/or Research Centres by contributing venture capital in initial development phases.

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Management Team

Carlos Hernández Sande:

He is a professor of Computer Sciences and Artificial Intelligence at the USC. He was the director and founder of the Institute of Technological Research of the USC and the Vice-dean of the Faculty of Physics of the USC. He is currently the Director of the USC’s Creating Firms Programmes, UNIEMPRENDE, and the Managing Director of both Unirisco Galicia, SCR, S.A. and Uninvest, SGECR, S.A. He is also a member of various Scientific Councils and Institutions, such as USC’s Institute of Technological Research (IIT) and the Computer Science Institute.

Martín Rivas Antón:

He graduated in Economics at the Complutense University of Madrid. He is currently the General Director of both Uninvest SGECR SA and Unirisco Galicia SCR. He has ample local and international experience in the management of invested firms and business developments, and also in the departments of Merges and Procurements during periods of major expansions and restructurings. Before occupying his post in Uninvest SGECR, he held several managerial posts in the multinational firm Suiza Ascom, was its CFO in Spain, the CFO of Ascom International (India, Latin America and Europe), the CFO of Start-Up Powerline Communication, the Vice-president of M&A, and the CEO of Ascom Spain.

UNINVEST is a society that manages venture capital bodies. It was created to meet the following objectives:

  • Bridging the financial gap there is in the Spanish capital market for the seed and start-up phases for technology-based initiatives.
  • Promoting technology transfer through the creation of firms, and by providing a complementary alternative that is compatible with traditional knowledge transfer systems.
  • Creating and maintaining jobs in the heart of the research community by promoting the consolidation of research groups and by facilitating professional alternatives that are suitable for those researchers who cannot continue their professional career in the research centres they form part of.
  • Providing a mechanism that coordinates collaboration with other financial institutions and venture capital, particularly for projects of a certain size.
  • Helping create an enterprising culture in Spanish Universities and/or public research centres by increasing their members’ predisposition to create firms.