Alantra Private Equity
Alantra Private Equity is the pioneer and undisputed leader of the private equity industry in Spain with nearly 25 years of experience, having invested more than €1 billion. Internationalization is the cornerstone of the strategy to foster organic international growth in portfolio companies, reinforcing management teams and supporting the team in strategic decisions.

Alantra PE is the most experienced private equity investor in Iberia with a consistent track record across multiple economic cycles. Since 1990, Alantra Private Equity has invested in 86 companies (49 platforms and 37 add-ons) in a diversified range of sectors, with 39 full exits.

Alantra Group
Alantra is global investment banking and asset management firm focusing on the mid-market with offices across Europe, the US, Latin America and Asia. Its Investment Banking division employs over 280 professionals, providing independent advice on M&A, debt advisory, financial restructuring, credit portfolio and capital markets transactions. The Asset Management division comprises a team of 75 professionals with €3.5bn in Private Equity, Active Funds, Debt and Real Estate.

As part of the Alantra Group, Alantra Private Equity benefits from the support of the leading mid-market financial service and asset management firm. Thanks to its strong local presence in 19 countries, being part of the Alantra Group gives us unique market reach in terms of pinpointing business opportunities and gaining preferential access to valuable relationships and top-tier institutional and private investors.

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Ortega y Gasset, 29
Madrid, Madrid 28006, ES
P: +34 91 557 80 00

Board of Directors
Santiago Eguidazu
Executive Chairman of Alantra Group
Santiago Bergareche
Vice Chairman
José Antonio Abad
Javier Carretero
Luis Carlos Croissier
María Garaña
Rafael Jiménez
Jorge Mataix
Alfred Vinton
Executive Team
Management Team and Corporate Services
Santiago Eguidazu
Chairman and CEO of N+1 Group
Santiago Eguidazu
Jacobo Llanza
Partner & CEO of Asset Management
Mark Pensaert
Head of Investment Banking
Francisco Albella
Iñigo de Cáceres
General Manager
Patricia Pascual Ramsay
Head of Strategy, Corporate Development & Communication
Investment Banking
United States
Joseph J. Downing Jr.
Paul A. Colone
Managing Director & Partner
R. Wade Aust
Wolfram Schmerl
Managing Partner
Frank Merkel
Managing Partner
Robert von Finckenstein
Managing Partner
Franck Portais
Partner & CEO of N+1 France
Olivier Guignon
Executive partner
Franck Noat
Managing partner
Ashley Rountree
Managing partner
Oriane Durvye
Executive partner
Miguel Hernández
Managing Director and Head of N+1 Corporate Finance Spain
Guillermo Arbolí
Chairman of N+1 Corporate Finance Spain
Oscar García-Cabeza
Managing Director of N+1 Corporate Finance
Joel Grau
Partner & Co-founder of N+1 Corporate Portfolio Advisors
Alfonso Higuero
Partner & CEO of N+1 Equities
Carlos Rodríguez-Viña
Director of Corporate Finance
Javier Cabrera
Director & Co-founder N+1 Corporate Portfolio Advisors
Félix Rivera
Director & Co-founder of N+1 Corporate Portfolio Advisors
Lorenzo Astolfi
Partner & CEO of N+1 Italy
Stefano Bellavita
Partner & Managing Director of N+1 Italy
Francesco Moccagatta
Partner & Managing Director of N+1 Italy
Martin Menzi
Senior Partner
Kurt Rüegg
Senior Partner
Ralf Herrmann
Mark Pensaert
Head of Investment Banking
Julio Cardenal
Managing Partner of Chile
Pablo Larraín
Hernán Sambucetti
Managing Partner
Gianni Casanova
Managing Partner
Raul Ciarelli
Francisco Javier Aduriz
Managing parner of Colombia
Guillermo Arnaiz
Okan Altuğ
Chairman of N+1 Daruma Corporate Finance
Tülay Kaya
Partner & CEO of N+1 Daruma Corporate Finance
Özkan Yavaşal
Orkun Altuğ
Managing Partner of N+1 Daruma Corporate Finance
Murat Duran
Managing Partner of N+1 Daruma Corporate Finance
United Kingdom
Tim Cockroft
CEO of N+1 Singer
Alexander Fraser
Head of M&A, N+1 Singer
Philip Smith
Managing Partner of Alantra Ireland
Asset Management
Active Funds
Julián Cepeda
Partner & QMC Portfolio Manager
Francisco De Juan
Partner & EQMC Portfolio Manager
Private Equity
Federico Pastor
Chairman of N+1 Private Equity
Gonzalo Rivera
Partner & CEO of N+1 Private Equity
Javier Arana
Bruno Delgado
Mariano Moreno
David Santos
David Santos
Private Debt
Luis Felipe Castellanos
Luis Iglesias
Partner& Head N+1 REIM (Spain)
Wealth Management
Javier Arruti
Partner & Chairman of N+1 Syz
Alfonso Gil
Partner & CEO of N+1 SYZ
Jaime Porras
Luis Altarejos
Back office director
Manuel Arias
Diego Bareño
Rebeca Fdez-Sueiro
Sergio García
Jordi Grau
Íñigo Marco-Gardoqui

Áreas de Negocio

Investment Banking

Alantra bases its investment banking activity on three pillars: the international reach combined with a solid local presence in 19 countries, its deep sector know-how and a full range of services offer: M&A, debt, capital markets and portfolio advisory.

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Asset Management

Alantra provides asset management and advisory services to institutional investors and family offices on a wide range of alternative assets with a direct investment and a hands-on approach.

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Wealth Management

Our wealth management team advises over 450 high net worth individuals providing an integral service based on independence, specialization, capital preservation and search of positive returns.

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People & Culture

Alantra is organized as a partnership, finely balancing the management autonomy of its partners with accountability. As such we try to ally with enterprising professionals who are keen to manage their businesses with significant autonomy and who by extension ultimately assume full responsibility for such management. Our partners value the opportunity to work in a decentralized and burocracy-free organization governed by the principle of autonomous decision-making resource management in exchange for assuming full ultimate responsibility, i.e. we are entrepreneurs within a corporate structure.

Alantra’s growth model has been based on partnerships with local teams or to start up in new countries always through a flexible an innovative model that has been a determining factor in terms of attracting talent and become the company that we are. We are a flexible and innovative organization that has always shown its capacity to quickly adapt to market needs.

Another key pillar is the alignment of interests given our remuneration system and the fact that the groups’ executive partners hold 38.5% of the parent’s equity and in some cases an stake of its subsidiaries. This is a guarantee for our clients and shareholders and also four our partners on a relative basis

Sectors of preference

Generalist (except financial and real estate), special preference in sectors where the management has the longest track record: healthcare, food, industrial goods and services, technology and communication