As a firm constituted more than 15 years ago, we intend to be the trusted advisor in the management of the patrimony of our clients, whether individuals, companies or institutions.

We can tosesorarle In the determination of its investment and financing objectives, as well as in the structuring of its assets and liabilities, with the ultimate aim of helping it to preserve its patrimony and to make it grow in a sustainable way over time.

Whether private, company or institution, we offer a global heritage service, independent and tailored, focused on satisfying Their Long-term needs and objectives, irrespective of the type of assets that comprise its patrimony: financial assets, real estate, business or any other, including mortgages, loans or any other type of financing.

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Our team is multidisciplinary and with great experience in the areas of advice that we provide to our clients.

Wealth Management

Global equity advice, independent and tailored, focused on the needs and objectives of our clients in the long term, whether individuals, companies or institutions.

The patrimony, considered as a whole, can be a complex set of assets and liabilities that need to be properly structured in a manner consistent with its investment strategy.

Egina Wealth Management can help you in determining your investment goals and structuring your assets and liabilities. A careful planning and a successful investment can help you achieve them.

In the same way, the transfer of heritage to the next generation is a challenge that in most cases is not without difficulties. therefore Egina Wealth Management It puts at your disposal the necessary competencies to carry out a succession planning appropriate to your needs.

Also proper retirement planning from the financial point of view is an area in which Egina Wealth Management It may be useful.

Business Finance

We specialize in advising on capital structure and industrial strategy.

We can help you optimize your company's financial resources and align them with your strategy to achieve your goals.

Whether in relation to investment decisions, financing or resource management, we will help you make the decision that protects or increases the value of your company.

The valuation, sale or acquisition of companies, the search for financial partners or other financing, the restructuring of debt or the elaboration of strategic plans, business or feasibility, are issues in which we are very useful to our customers.

Project development

We can transform your idea or project into a business opportunity to turn it into a tangible business project that generates value.

Our participation, according to the needs of the project, goes from the pre-assessment of the viability of the business, to the determination of the optimal strategic approach, through the elaboration of the business plan and the search for its financing.

We also generate attractive investment opportunities, managed in an accurate and secure manner, accompanying our clients in the whole process in order to protect their interests as investors.

Independence, rigour, objectivity and commitment to achieving the objectives of our clients.

Individuals, companies and institutions that need independent financial advice of quality and with high added value.

Egina Wealth Management