BEKA Finance is an independent company that offers Investment Banking services with local specialization and International scope.

BEKA Finance grows combining the extensive experience of our professionals in Equities, Fixed Income and Corporate Finance. Our mission is the appliance of excellence to financials through Independence and with the main objective of creating added value for our clients accomodating our knowledge to their needs.

We combine our new image with the accumulated experience of more than 25 years as Equity House and Investment Services. We offer our clients more than 70 professionals with the maximum experience and reputation in the market.

Our main activity lines are couponed by Equities, Fixed Income, Corporate Finance and Analysis and Research.

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  • Transaction Advisory Services
  • Corporate Finance
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Marques de Villamagna 3- 4ª planta
Madrid, Madrid 28001, ES
P: 902 477 487

The Fixed Income Division is integrated by highly qualified professionals including sales force, syndicate and origination teams.

Our clients are public sector and private companies, mainly in the large and mid-cap segment.

We are registered members of the newly created MARF bond market.

Our fixed income division, through our research team, covers all main issuers, sectors and general market views.

  • Bond Issuances (primary & taps)
  • Public sector bonds (Sovereign debt, regional debt, Agencies)
  • Financials (Senior, Subordinated…)
  • Supranational debt
  • High Yield
  • Emerging Markets
  • Distressed Debt
  • ECP/EMTN programs
  • Convertible Bonds
  • Securitization (trade receivables, loans, etc.)
  • Private Placements
  • Project Bonds
  • Exotic Bond Structures

We offer our clients liquidity of the issues launched by BEKA Finance through the direct intermediation in Secondary Markets


BEKA Finance is one of the main securities intermediation agents in the domestic market. We offer both Institutional and Retail Investors services.

Our services include analysis and brokerage in Domestic and International markets. We offer our extensive experience in Primary Markets, coordination, Placements, Agencies and IPO´s, secondary offerings, and other corporate events.

Additionally, our clients can also benefit with our liquidity contracts and Shareholder´s registry.
BEKA Finance is a leading player by number of transactions and negotiated volume in the Mercado Alternativo Bursátil (MAB).

Through our platform we offer access to a wide range of financial products, that will permit our clients compose the equity portfolio that best suits their needs.

Our platform online is one of the fastest of the market, offering an extensive range of possibilities to our clients. Additionally, BEKA Finance is a Multichannel operator, you can Access all our products using diverse channels:

- Personal attendance: Office in Calle Serrano, 39. Madrid.
- On the Telephone: +34 91 423 74 00
- Internet:

Our products include:

  • National and International Equities
  • Derivatives MEFF (Options and Futures of MEFF)
  • ETF’s (Exchange Trade Funds)
  • Warrants and Bonus
  • Investment Funds
  • OPV´s and OPS
  • Portfolio Analyzer

Our clients can also rely on the Analysis and Research team that cover more than 60 national names and over 700 international companies through ESN.

In the Corporate Finance Division we provide Investment Banking activities giving not only advisory services but also the origination, execution and monitoring of our transactions.

We are experts in Debt and Capital Optimization processes for a wide range of clients, specially mid & small caps.

The objective of the corporate finance division is to offer creative, efficient and comprehensive solutions providing the added value demanded by our clients.

We also focus our efforts in providing our clients with the best financing available in the market on a tailor-made basis.

  • Fund Raising via IPOs
  • Advisory on debt renegotiation and debt restructuring
  • Capital increases through private placements
  • Search of Financial Partners

BEKA Finance also offers our clients Special Solutions actively helping them in asset sourcing both performing and distressed.

We understand Analysis and Research as a basic tool in the investment procedure. In BEKA Finance we cover more than 60 Spanish companies with a team of 8 people and through our participation in European Securities Network (ESN) we analyze up to 700 European enterprises, with more than 100 analysts.

Our products include:

  • Daily Spanish Market Report
  • Daily European Market Report
  • Market Strategy
  • Global Sector Reports
  • Company Reports
  • Model Portfolios, domestic and European

Our analyst are yearly awarded into the first positions of Starmine Ranking (Thomson Reuters)

We combine our new image with the accumulated experience of more than 25 years as Equity House and Investment Services. We offer our clients more than 70 professionals with the maximum experience and reputation in the market.

BEKA Finance