We are Elewit, the technology platform of the Red Eléctrica Group

We were founded in 2019 to offer solutions to the new challenges in the electricity and telecommunications sectors.

Our goal: to promote energy transition and connectivity for a sustainable future.

Our formula

Six key strategic areas to speed up change and six technologies to make it possible:

Our six key strategic areas:

* Citizen-centric solutions

- New options and services for the public
- Smart cities
Improve the sustainable management of our processes
Integration of facilities in the environment, social acceptance
Reduction of emissions (SF6 and other gases)
New uses for the transmission grid assets
Sustainable solutions to increase our quality of life

* Electrification of society 
- Electrification of land, air and sea transport
- Energy efficiency
Knowledge of demand and coordination with DSOs, aggregators and communities
Conditions affecting quality of supply
Distributed generation
Smart facilities

* Information transmission and accessibility 

- Advanced telecommunications services
- Connectivity, 5G, satellites
Intersectorial analysis
Connectivity and 5G

* Renewable energy and flexible operation of the electricity system 
- Management of flexibility resources (generation, demand, storage…)
- Infrastructures and communications (high-voltage assets, measurement, control and protection systems, communication systems…)
- New markets and services for the secure operation of the system
Increased assets availability and operating limits
Behavioural study and prediction
System monitoring, calculation and prediction of operating limits
Handling generation volatility to guarantee power supply
Flexible planning
Advanced systems and tools for system operation
Monitoring, protection and control systems for secure and efficient operation
Analysis of system status
Power system stability monitoring and control (inertia, frequency, short-circuit power)

* Development of smart asset and process management 
- Advanced solutions
- Process automation and robotization
- Connected workers
- Increased facility availability
Automation and improvement of inspections and diagnosis of lines with drones, 5G, etc.
New materials and technologies to increase operating limits and asset working life
Expert system for asset management
Analysis of the condition of facilities (sub-stations and lines)
Support tools for decision making (Big Data, Business Intelligence)

* Cybersecurity 
- Cybersecure energy and communications
Network security
IoT and Cloud security
Data centre protection
Development of telecommunications

Our six technologies:

- The Internet of Things
Connected homes
Other sensors and devices

- Industry X.0
Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR) and Mixed Reality (MR)
Digital twin
Advanced and industrial robotics

- Platforms of the future
Service platforms
Power electronics
New generation of equipment and materials
New technology for energy storage

- Applied intelligence: AI and advanced analysis
Smart and Big Data
Deep learning and automated learning
Virtual assistants

- Satellites and new telecommunication technologies
Launch and leverage of 5G technology
Satellite communications

- Cybersecurity
Privacy and data compliance
Ransomware, malware and attacks
Asset security, critical networks and infrastructures
Internet of Things and cloud security

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Paseo Conde de los Gaitanes, 177
Alcobendas, Madrid 28109, ES
E: info@elewit.ventures

Silvia Bruno
Chief Innovation & Technology Officer

Elena de Benavides
Open Innovation & Entrepreneurship Lead

Pablo Martín
Innovation Cycle Lead

José Carlos Fernández
Innovation Management Lead

Miguel Lorenzo
Innovation Advisor

Diana Ortega
Innovation Strategic Alliance Manager

Roberto Gómez
Startups Program Manager

Álvaro Reguera
Venture Capital Manager

Fernando Blaya
Startups Business Development Manager

Alberto Escalera
Innovation Advisor

Raquel Rodríguez
Technology Project Manager

Iago Veiras
Artificial Intelligence Partner

Francisco Javier Martín
Energy Partner

Luis Felipe Chiroque
Communications Partner

Moisés Leñero
Internet of Things Partner

Débora Orta
SAGA Product Manager

María Piñole
Innovation Management Office

Cristina Domínguez
Innovation Event Planner & Assistant

Venture Capital
We invest in the future of your business.

To fly you need wings… and a little push. We believe in you and we want to help your startup grow.

Let’s speed up the future together

We are looking for startups to explore new businesses opportunities with them, to make our processes more efficient and to drive the technologies and tools in Red Eléctrica Group. You bring the use case, we put our experience and resources to develop it.

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challenge (m). Referring to objectives or efforts that are hard to do, making them a stimulus or challenge for those who attempt them.

At Elewit we pose challenges because:

We look for solutions that can be quickly implemented

We want to upgrade our assets, data and operations

We want to create new spaces for interaction and exchange

The Elewit ecosystem

More info on https://www.elewit.ventures/en/elewit-ecosystem

Our porfolio

- Funds we collaborate with:

Adara Ventures
Is a venture capital firm. With over €180 million funds under management, Adara focuses its activities on Spain, Portugal, the United Kingdom, France and Ireland and has particular expertise in areas such as cybersecurity, cloud infrastructure, data intensive solutions and applied artificial intelligence.

Cardumen Capital
Is an equity management company. Through its venture capital fund, it offers corporations and investors access to the most advanced technologies in the world. The fund focuses on Israeli companies in the three pillars of digital transformation: artificial intelligence, cyber security and Big Data.

- Investee companies:

Is the Spanish company leading the development of hyperloop in Europe, to connect main cities and logistics hubs at 1000km/h with zero direct emissions and high efficiency. Zeleros’ technologies, integrated in the vehicle, enable the implementation of scalable hyperloop routes, drastically reducing the cost of infrastructure and enabling operation at safer pressure levels.

Is the leading cybersecurity company in threat detection and intelligence and active cyberdefence. Its renowned Cyber Deception platform is implemented in European, US and Latin American clients in the financial sector, critical infrastructure, government and security agencies. Established in 2015, it is based in San Sebastián and Madrid, London and Washington DC.

- Driven by us:

Software that uses blockchain to enable companies to certify the route of renewable energy from production to consumption.
Strategic impact areas for Elewit:
Renewable energy and flexible operation of the electricity system

Sigma Rail
Software that enables automatic inspection of assets in the maintenance of power lines thanks to artificial vision and data analysis.
Strategic impact areas for Elewit:
Development and smart asset and process management
Process digitalisation

Wireless haptic device that allows for touching and feeling with one's own hands any virtual object projected by a PC, or for observing it using a virtual reality visor.
Strategic impact areas for Elewit:
Development and smart asset and process management
Electrification of society

System for creating augmented reality content for industrial environments.
Strategic impact areas for Elewit:
Development and smart asset and process management
Process digitalization