Amura Partners is a leading Spanish firm formed by a team of professionals with extensive experience in the management of special corporate situations including turnarounds, financial restructuring, insolvency proceedings and acquisitions or divestitures of companies or business units. The firm has a strong track record in financial and operational management and in supporting owners and management teams in managing insolvency proceedings and private equity transactions.

What We Offer

Interim Management or Corporate Advisory to successful Management Teams in extraordinary or non-recurring situations.
We provide senior operational and financial skills through a team of highly experienced professionals.
We assume Board Administration and/or Interim Management positions of companies in pre-insolvency or insolvency proceedings

Practical and professional approach: we are managers

Companies go through different periods throughout their life cycle. Periods of strong growth and development, periods of stability, and of course, periods of less growth and of crisis. In all these stages they are faced with changes that need to be well managed.

It is relatively common to see strong management teams who have invaluable experience in daily activities but are not completely prepared to face any of these situations of change, which result in critical or difficult times that may affect the value of the business.

In these situations, we provide the experience, knowledge and involvement required:

  • We specialise in processes of change.
  • With a practical and professional approach.
  • With a complete focus on results.
  • With a comprehensive offer, ranging from the identification and analysis of measures or actions to their full implementation.

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Vicente Canosa, Partner

Salvador Rodríguez, Partner

Feliu Formosa, Partner

Javier Gómez Acebo, Partner

Analysis and Assessment of the Company's Situation

Focused primarily on companies with below expected performance, the objective is to identify the causes of weak performance and obtain a clear view of the expected short and medium term effects in order to make more informed decisions.

The method involves complete integration into the company, together with the management team, for a short period of 2 to 4 weeks, the presentation of a detailed assesment and a proposed 100-day-Plan.

100-day Action Plan

The objective is to support or reinforce the company's management team, for the practical identification and implementation of urgent and necessary measures in order to maximise liquidity, value, and management's efficiency in special or change situations. Assumption of CRO positions: independent, objective, externaland focused on restructuring.

Organization and Human Resources

Comprehensive support for the optimisation of the organisational model as well as human resources transformation processes such as the redefinition and implementation of Human Resource strategies and policies, changes in the personnel management model, restructuring of personnel, merger or division of departments, labour negotiations, both collective and individual, and evaluation of management teams.

Interim Management

Availability to temporarily strengthen the company's management capacity in order to address special situations or projects or to cover the absence of sufficient management resources in key positions.

Feasibility Plans

Advisory, preparation or presentation of Feasibility Plans, based on management experience in situations of crisis, restructuring or change.

Advisory to Governing Bodies and Management Teams

Advisory and support to Governing Bodies and/or the management team in the assessment, supervision, monitoring and review of the evolution and successful implementation of Strategic or Feasibility Plans. Individual or team coaching, as well as analysis and advice on composition, appointment and functioning of Boards of Directors or Executive Committees.

Company Directors

Assumption of Board of Directors responsibilities, being able to assume executive functions according to the interests of the shareholders.

  • A senior team with extensive professional experience who are highly specialised in various disciplines of corporate, strategic, industrial, commercial, HR and financial management.
  • We provide and implement our services as a specialised firm, with the support and participation of all our partners.
  • We provide all the capabilities needed to immediately integrate into the company's management team to analyse, contrast, design and implement complex and non-recurring plans along with with the management team in record time.
  • Independent and unconditional protection of our client interests.
  • Exclusive focus on results, our fees are subject to our customers' success.

Much more than advice: management, implementation, experience, independence, accountability and results.

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