Our purpose

At Suma, we commit to building the future that we believe in

We are an independent investment manager.

We join forces with business entrepreneurs in order to achieve their goals, bringing knowledge and rigour to all the projects we participate in, so that together we can overcome even greater challenges.

We work together with society, portfolio companies and investors to develop and grow projects with positive impact on business, people and the environment. This is our commitment, and we want you to be part of it.

Matter of principle

We support investment through vehicles that specialize in Growth Capital and Sustainable Infrastructures, adding our efforts to winning initiatives, teaming to nurturer their growth and to reinforce their sustainability.

We believe that investments and growth must be driven by being faithful to inalienable principles, which must inspire us to define our own unique and singular style.

  • Area of Activity
  • Private Equity Investors in Computer Software and Hardware
  • Private Equity Investors in Industrial Products sector
  • Private Equity Investors in Consumer products sector
  • Private Equity Investors in Energy sector
  • Private Equity Investors in Building, Construction and Real Estate
  • Private Equity Investors in Transport and Logistics
  • Private Equity Investors in Telecom indsustry
  • Private Equity Investors in Technology
  • Private Equity Investors in Health and Medical sector
  • Private Equity Investors in Chemical sector and Plastic materials
  • Private Equity Investors in Environment and Natural Resources
  • Private Equity Investors in Electronics sector
  • Private Equity Investors in Automobile, Industrial sector and Robotics
  • Private Equity Investors in Food and Beverages industry
  • Private Equity Investors in Agriculture, Livestock and Fishing
  • Private Equity sector
  • Private Equity Investors in Multimedia business
  • Private Equity Investors in Tourism, Hospitality and Leisure
  • Private Equity Investors in Consumer Services
  • Private Equity Investors in Industrial Services
  • Private Equity Investors in Media, Press and Communications Sector
  • Private Equity Investors in Internet and technological companies
  • Private Equity Investors in Biotechnology
  • Private Equity Investors in Banking and Financial Services
  • Company type
  • Private Equity
Av. Diagonal 640, 5º-F
Barcelona, Barcelona 08017, ES
P: 933680203

We are a Team of investment professionals. We have extensive experience in private equity and sustainability. As a team, we are fully committed to the companies we invest in, our investors and to helping build a better world.

Enrique Tombas- Founding Partner – President
David Arroyo- Founding Partner
Pablo de Muller- Founding Partner
Ruperto Unzué- Partner
Pau Bermudez-Cañete-Partne
Begoña Mata - Investor Relations & ESG Responsible
Manuel Cebrián- Investment Director
Gustavo Barroeta- Investment Director
Sergio Fernández- Investment Director
Antoni Macià- Investment Director
Óscar Cortadellas- Associate Director
Lara Llach- Associate
Isabel Rayo- Associate
David Quintas- Senior Analyst
Marcos Labori- Senior Analyst
Pol Agulló- Analyst
Mar Font- Controller
Núria Vinaixa- Office Manager

Beyond your limits

We help entrepreneurs to realize their growth plans, taking shares in their companies. SC Growth Funds were born as investment vehicles to support companies with revenues between 10M€ and 100M€.

We are involved in strategic decision-making through the Board of Directors, with an approach aimed at generating shared values, for our companies, investors and society, always fostering ESG best practices.
We believe in people and their companies. Companies with the will to lead their sector.Companies that want to cross borders.

- Development
Commercial developments in current markets: new products, new channels, R&D programs, increasing capacity.

- Consolidation
Growth through takeovers of companies from the same domestic sector: competitors, distributors or suppliers.

- Internationalisation
Direct introduction of the company into new markets: through takeovers or Joint Venture agreements with local partners.

More info on companies participated by SC Growth Fund I on http://sumacapital.com/en/sc-pymes/

Shaping the future

Climate change and the necessity of a more sustainable use of our resources generate new investment requirements. SC Infra is a ground-breaking initiative in impact funds to support the energy transition and circular economy.
We finance infrastructures/assets that use energy in a more efficient way or generate it from renewable sources, as well as those that focus on waste management or optimizing the water cycle.

We seek a double objective in our investments: financial and social-environmental, which we quantify, audit and report to our investors. We believe that a more sustainable world offers more durable returns.

- Energy Transition
Projects that optimize a more efficient use of energy by: (i) improving energy efficiency; (ii) generating renewable energy and self-supply energy; or (iii) rationalizing mobility and transport.

- Circular Economy
Projects that increase the reutilization, recycling and recuperation of waste in order to generate resources or energy.

- Environmental and Social Impact
Encouraging the Energy Transition and Circular Economy we improve the key indicators for our society.

Projects involving SC Infra on http://sumacapital.com/en/sc-energy/

To be or not to be a responsible investor

We believe ESG policies to be a means for generating positive economic, environmental and social value for the companies we invest in, the investors and the society.

Today, we face an important challenge as a society to guarantee the sustainability not only of the environment, but also of the production system and the economy as a whole. In order to tackle this challenge, it is essential to be aligned with promoting companies and projects committed to values that go beyond just financial return on investment.

At Suma, we are signatories of the Principles of Responsible Investment of the United Nations (PRI) since 2013 and we work with external advisors in the design and continual improvement of our ESG policies.

Aware of our responsibility to transform society and build a better world together, as an investment management firm, we operate in accordance with a clear set of principles regarding the environment, social issues and good governance (ESG). We have laid down this commitment in our Responsible Investment Policy.

SC Growth Fund offers continuity to SC Equity Fund, as investment vehicle dedicated to companies with revenues of between 10 and 100 million euros.

In relation to SC Infra, Suma Capital was one of the pioneer in the creation of impact Fund to support the Energetic Transition and Circular Economy.

Suma Capital