Sodena is the financial instrument of the Government of Navarra for the development of business in the region, It uses venture capital to achieve this.

Sodena operates as a limited company, with the main shareholder being the Government of Navarra.

It works by taking an active role in the different phases of business projects that contribute to the balanced and sustainable development of Navarra.

Following a process of restructuring of the public sector in Navarra, Sociedad de Desarrollo de Navarra, S.L. (Sodena) is the company that has emerged from the merger of four companies owned by the Government of Navarra (Sociedad de Desarrollo de Navarra, S.A., NAFINCO, S.A., NGA, S.A. and Fondo Jóvenes Empresarios Navarros, S.A.). It was created on November 7th 2011, although the foundation of the majority and its members goes back to 1984.

Corporación Pública Empresarial de Navarra holds a 98.06% stake in Sodena.

Corporación Pública Empresarial de Navarra, S.L.U. (CPEN) was set up on November 4th 2009 to comply with Act 8/2009 as a single instrument for the organisation and rationalisation of a large part of the property of the self-governing region of Navarra, mainly in the form of publicly-owned companies.

  • Area of Activity
  • Venture Capital Investors in Environment and Natural Resources
  • Venture Capital Investors in Food and Beverages sector
  • Venture Capital Investors in Agriculture, Livestock and Fishing
  • Venture Capital Investors in Technology
  • Venture Capital Investors in Internet and technological companies
  • Venture Capital Investors in Biotechnology
  • Private Equity Investors in Energy sector
  • Private Equity Investors in Technology
  • Private Equity Investors in Environment and Natural Resources
  • Private Equity Investors in Food and Beverages industry
  • Private Equity Investors in Agriculture, Livestock and Fishing
  • Private Equity sector
  • Private Equity Investors in Internet and technological companies
  • Private Equity Investors in Biotechnology
  • Company type
  • Venture Capital
  • Private Equity
Avda. Carlos III, 36 – 1º Dcha.
Pamplona, Navarra 31003, ES
P: +34 848 42 19 42
Managing Director
Pilar Irigoien

Investment Managers

Alberto Clerigué
María Eugenia Lecumberri
José Mª Montes

Director of Administration and Finance

Óscar Arriaga

Project Managers

Mª Victoria Iriarte
Amaya Manrique
Carlos Sarobe

Project Technicians

Marian Erro
Montse Esparza
María García
Katy Labiano
Cristina Pascual

Administration and Finance and Project Management

Merche Díaz

Project Management

Isabel Blanco
Ainhoa Patiño

Regional Strategic Area

Luis Goñi
Daniel Mazo
Sergio Villava
Lore Iñarrea
Ainhoa Echarte

Venture capital consists of acquiring a share in the capital of non-listed companies, usually a minority share on a temporary basis.
It is Sodena’s main financial instrument when undertaking investment projects.

Sodena is an active venture capital partner that supports the management of the companies it participates in. It gets involved in decision-making on the Board of Directors and puts its wide network of contacts at the company’s disposal.

Basic Investment Characteristics

  • Implementation of a company/project with a significant impact in Navarra.
  • The developer and the management team work together on the business project.
  • Innovative or differentiating projects that generate economic and social benefits for Navarra.
  • A minority and temporary shareholding in projects.

Venture capital facilitates economic growth, encouraging:

  • Faster growth of companies.
  • Job creation.
  • Investment.
  • Better Innovation and productivity.
  • The internationalisation and globalisation of companies.

The Government of Navarra, committed to the internationalisation of the region, has charged Sodena with the mission of attracting and consolidating foreign investments in Navarra.

Sodena has initiated a proactive strategy to capture business investment, with the aim of attracting projects and facilitating their implementation in the region. To do this it concentrates on the sectors with the greatest potential for creating wealth for the region, either due to the strong points of the productive fabric or for its pull effect on other sectors. These are Agrifood, Automotive, Biotechnology, Energy and the Environment, and Information and Communication Technologies.

Sodena also offers investors interested in the region a wide range of consultancy and support services that cover all their needs during the process of taking decisions on setting up in the region. These services are personalised, free-of-charge and confidential, include the provision of information on the quality and costs of the business environment of Navarra, the organisation of visits to the region and support during the implementation phase.

For more information on investment opportunities in Navarra and the advantages of our region, visit the website

Biotechnology / Health
Energy and the Environment
Seed Capital / Start Up Capital Navarra