Alfa Beta Consultants is a company with over 30 years experience in the field of financing, mergers & acquisitions and international financial consulting .

The company operates globally through its international network of alliances with investment banks , with particular emphasis on emerging economies in Africa, Latin America and Eastern Europe.

Alfa Beta Consultants furthermore operates with its network of expert partners in certain strategic sectors and countries. Our main goal is to provide comprehensive advice to both public and private companies , as well as sovereign institutions , in order to ensure compliance with their expectations of financing or investment.

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Via Augusta, 35, Office 8
Barcelona, Barcelona 08006, ES
T: +34 93 459 12 19
Alpenblickstrasse 23
Eurasburg, Munich 82547, DE

Carlos Canivell - Managing Partner

Vicente Alemany - Associate

George Conde - Associate

Guillermo Murias - Consultant

Joan Riera - Associate

Our main objective is to provide a comprehensive advisory service to public and private companies , as well as sovereign institutions , to ensure the fulfillment of their expectations of financing or investment.

Our service approach is based on building a close relationship with our client and their project environment , in order to meet the essential parameters of the initiative , and to select and manage appropriate funding sources that allow your project viable .

We offer 3 main services :

  • International funding search
  • Mergers and acquisitions (M&A)
  • International Financial Consulting

One of the competitive advantages over our competitors is that we operate with two major American alliances. Through these partnerships , we have expanded our range of opportunities via accessing a market in which financing outside the banking is much more widespread than in other countries.

Each of our allies in the USA is specializing in a particular service, one in mergers and acquisitions (M&A) and the other one in project financing through ownership or debt.

Both allies have a great run in their respective markets, with extensive experience and important recognition in the USA as well as worldwide. They also ensure extreme confidentiality and widespread availability and exposure of projects that are interesting to those firms.

  • MSGF : MS Global Finance , LLC ( MSGF ) is an investment bank based in Greenwich, Connecticut , a financial advisory company dedicated to the organization of fixed income and equity transactions in developing economies worldwide . The firm is specialized in trade, project and corporate finance.
  • Baldwin M&A Partners : Seattle 's oldest private investment bank. Since 1977 they have been helping individuals and companies in the sale or purchase of private companies.

Public and private companies

Alfa Beta Consultants