Inveniam is a transaction and strategy advisory firm, with a strong focus in technology-based deals in Life Sciences and Resource Sustainability. Inveniam’s vision is to bridge the gap between technology originators and the market.

Either serving the buy or the sell-side, Inveniam accompanies the client throughout the deal life cycle with a wide array of services, from opportunity scouting and assessment, all the way to commercialization, deal structuring and closing.

Leveraging a diversified team across expertise and background, Inveniam offers a unique combination of skills and industry insight to support institutions, investors, start-ups and corporations with truly specialized advisory services.

Inveniam is headquartered in Spain and Israel, and has an outstanding world reach through its alliances and collaborators. Together we ignite traction to your technology venture. Will you join us?

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Elena Canetti. Managing Partner
Eric Suñol. Managing Partner
Albert Cot. Partner
Jordi Gámez. Partner
Benito Vera. Venture Partner

Corporate Finance
We provide the full arsenal of advisory services to help our clients on their corporate growth strategies including: strategic design and implementation, innovation strategy, financing structuring and capital raising, investment valuation, M&A, or risk management design. On the originator side, we work with top research institutions, incubators and startups to select and channel their best technologies. Our corporate finance services include the development of an all-encompassing fund raising strategy, preparation of detailed commercialization and business plans, financial models, go-to-market strategy, and financing rounds. Moreover, we advise research institutions in the structuring and management of internal funding activities. On the buyer side, we work with corporations and investors interested in carefully screened technology opportunities, both in the IP and product space. Our corporate finance services for buyers, include a carefully designed process, from mapping of the buyer´s technology needs, through structured scouting cycles leveraging international and specialized sources, to pre-evaluation of filtered technologies, and close contacts follow up. For those companies interested in creating shareholder value through innovation strategies, we assist them by presenting companies and products which can leverage own production or distribution channels capacity. Our technology watch and scouting services allow companies to be updated on state of the art in key business areas. Our final goal is to improve our clients’ competitive position and reduce their business risk exposure. In the realm of Mergers & Acquisitions, we assist all the process from opportunity identification, screening and selecting the best fitting target companies, to deal closing assisting in the valuation of carefully chosen opportunities and in landing the deal, accompanying throughout the whole negotiation process towards a successful deal completion.

The Inveniam Group sponsors an investment vehicle focusing in early-stage Life Sciences and Sustainability technology-based companies combining: › An attractive market opportunity at a right timing › A clear go-to-market strategy › An “unfair” competitive advantage › An outstanding and committed team › All of which to be validated by the Inveniam Group. The investment club is composed of a selected group of seasoned investors that invest expecting very high returns, while understanding the risks of early-stage investment. Club members can decide on case by case basis whether to invest or not in the opportunity. Leveraging an outstanding deal flow of technology-based companies in Spain and Israel, Inveniam filters, analyzes and selects highly profitable and solid ventures. It then works with the selected companies on a strategy, business development or financing advisory project to gain a deep understanding of both the company and its industry. Once the venture’s potential and its risks are clear, Inveniam presents a short list of companies to the Fund’s partners, backed with a thorough analysis and an equity story. The club then negotiates valuation and entry terms with its selected startups. We care both about the startup’s profit making and the investor’s rate of profit, and we put the money where our mouth is by co-investing with the club’s partners. If you are passionate about innovation and want to invest with us, you can contact us.

Technology Transfer
Technology Transfer is a process by which a technology – usually at an early stage but with certain proof of concept and underlying intellectual property assets – is transferred from the inventor or supporting institution to a business entity capable of developing the technology into products. The transfer is usually performed by granting a license to use the technology within certain terms and conditions, but could include sale of the underlying intellectual property assets. Inveniam’s team has an outstanding experience and track record in international technology transfer deals. At Inveniam we help our clients assess specific technologies based on their potential applications, technology readiness stage, intellectual property strength, market potential, value proposition and likelihood of success in its commercialization. We accompany our clients throughout the whole process with a go-to-market approach, from the development of an appropriate commercialization strategy, preparation of marketing materials, identification and contact of potential parties, presentation of the technology and up to the structuring of the deal, negotiation and finalization of any transfer agreements.

Inveniam’s specialized advisory services are designed to accompany institutions, investors, start-ups and corporations throughout the deal life cycle

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