Talde Private Equity is a Private Equity Investment Fund management company that invests primarily in Spanish Small and Medium Enterprises, which we support in the design and execution of their Strategic Plans focused mainly on national and international growth and sector consolidation.

Talde is a pioneer in the private equity market in Spain, founded in 1976 through its evergreen vehicle Talde Promoción y Desarrollo, SCR, SA, which continues operative.

We have a strong foundation of institutional investors (pension funds, EPSV, insurance companies, fund funds) and important family business groups.

Talde's successful track record since its inception has contributed to initial investors continuing to rely on and invest in our new investment vehicles.

We are a team with extensive experience in the sector, specialized in the execution of corporate transactions and very focused on the management of our portfolio companies. We collaborate closely with the management teams, supporting them in the design and implementation of strategies by providing knowledge, relationships and financial resources, thus contributing to the improvement of their positioning.

We currently manage investment vehicles with a total commitment of more than € 170M.

We are a founding partner of ASCRI (Spanish Association of Venture Capital Entities) and a full member of Invest Europe.

  • Area of Activity
  • Private Equity Investors in Industrial Products sector
  • Private Equity Investors in Consumer products sector
  • Private Equity Investors in Energy sector
  • Private Equity Investors in Transport and Logistics
  • Private Equity Investors in Telecom indsustry
  • Private Equity Investors in Technology
  • Private Equity Investors in Health and Medical sector
  • Private Equity Investors in Chemical sector and Plastic materials
  • Private Equity Investors in Environment and Natural Resources
  • Private Equity Investors in Electronics sector
  • Private Equity Investors in Automobile, Industrial sector and Robotics
  • Private Equity Investors in Food and Beverages industry
  • Private Equity Investors in Agriculture, Livestock and Fishing
  • Private Equity sector
  • Private Equity Investors in Multimedia business
  • Private Equity Investors in Tourism, Hospitality and Leisure
  • Private Equity Investors in Consumer Services
  • Private Equity Investors in Industrial Services
  • Company type
  • Private Equity
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José María Zalbidegoitia
Idoia Bengoa
General Manager
Jon Arosa
Investment Director
Marc Baiget
Investment Director
José Iturriaga
Director Private Debt
Francisco Ibáñez
Investment Director Real Estate
Lucas Guinea
Investment Director Real Estate
Esteban Fradua
Investment Manager
Itziar Unibaso
Investment Manager
Aurkene Ziluaga
Investment Analyst
Irene Gutiérrez
Investment Analyst
Sergio Lizarraga
Investment Analyst
Laura Salcedo
Financial Director
Ibone Davila
Deputy financial manager

Talde Private Equity is mainly focused on providing capital to Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) to boost their growth and sector consolidation. Our main objective is to create value in the companies in which we participate, for which we associate with solid and committed entrepreneurs and management teams, investing both through the acquisition of relevant stakes and/or capital increases, supporting them in the design and execution of their strategic plans.

Investment strategy

    ·We mainly support SMEs operating in attractive sectors with growth potential

    ·With a clear Business Model and a differential competitive advantage that makes them leaders of their market

    ·Led by strong and committed management teams

    ·With attractive strategic plans, that include sectoral concentration processes, international expansion and / or development of new business lines

    ·Capable of generating positive results and profitability for their shareholders

Investment Criteria

    ·Type of Company: SMEs with enterprise value between € 15 and 70 million

    ·Geographical scope: mainly Spain

    ·Sector: generalist, excluding real estate, finance and all those who carry a reputational risk

    ·Participation: Majority or qualified minority

    ·Investment: between € 5 and 15 million, without excluding other projects of interest

    ·Permanence: we are medium / long term investors, with a time horizon of between 4 and 7 years

Talde is a pioneer in the Spanish Private Equity market and currently manages several investment vehicles with a total commitment of more than 170 M €. We are a Private Equity Investment Fund management company that actively contributes to the development of SMEs relying on four pillars:

Active participation.

We cooperate with the management teams of our portfolio companies providing our knowledge and experience.


We work with clear objectives aligned with the interests of our partners and stakeholders.


We are a team of recognized prestige with extensive experience in transactions and business management.


We operate in a clear and verifiable way applying the best corporate practices.

Small and medium companies whitin a wide range of sectors.