MAIN is an independent firm that offers its clients comprehensive advisory services on Corporate Finance. Our brand and recognition in national and international markets attest to our excellence and professionalism. Since its founding, 25 years ago, MAIN has advised to national and international companies in all economic sectors in the middle market segment, offering quality service adapted to each client’s specific needs.

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Gran Vía del Marqués del Túria, 14
Valencia, Valencia 46005, ES
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Through our worldwide network of contacts and with our market knowledge, we can offer the best solution in every case. The MAIN team designs the optimal structure for each client within the existing industrial and financial possibilities:

- José Ignacio Lluch, Managing Partner.

- Alicia Martín de Vidales, Director.

- Alicia Martín, Associate Director.

- Guillermo Collado, Associate Director.

- Ramón Guerrero, Associate Director.

- Carina Gonzalez, Associate Director.

- Roberto Lisart, Operations Director.

- Divina García, Research Analyst.
- Lucía Gilabert, Office Manager.

All companies, at some point in their existence, will be faced with a corporate operation, either planned or unforeseen. Consequences will be derived from the way this challenge is managed and may be very positive or harmful for the company’s survival.

Since its foundation, the objective of MAIN has been to provide strategic and financial advice to our clients in corporate operations, working alongside companies and entrepreneurs throughout the process. Our experience allows us to advise the entrepreneur from the original approach to an idea or opportunity until the close of the operation, including all the intermediate stages.

- Mergers, acquisitions and splits

- Capital operations

- Debt operations

- Real estate transactions


This is one of our main pillars. We are committed to protecting your information from third parties.

Human capital

MAIN brings together a group of professionals committed to their work, able to adapt to any situation and environment.

Client orientation

We seek to meet the client’s needs beyond expectations. We work as a team with the client throughout the different project phases. The client is constantly informed of all the actions and work carried out. Our clients perceive us as a close advisor, regardless of geographical distances.


The firm is owned by the partners, allowing us to be always aligned with our clients’ interests.

MAIN offers complete, customized advising on:

- Family companies

- Management teams

- Venture capital companies

- Holdings and multinational companies

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