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Many of the world’s leading private equity houses, real estate firms and private debt managers are Alter Domus clients. They benefit from the specialized knowledge we have gained through more than 20 years of experience. We handle local administrative and compliance issues so that our clients can focus on meeting their global strategic objectives.

The values and goals we share with our clients strongly influence how we conduct our business. Because of our customer-oriented mind-set, we place the highest importance on the quality of our services and the personalized attention each client receives. With more than 40 offices and desks around the world, Alter Domus has a global reach. Our internationally focused teams combine cross-border transaction experience with local accounting knowledge to assist our clients in implementing complex international investment structures while servicing their local administrative needs.

The professionals of Alter Domus are committed to playing a key role in achieving a sustainable future. We promote responsible and ethical business practices, actively support the activities of the communities in which we live and work and foster environmentally sound operations.

Alter Domus Spain

Alter Domus Spain spans two offices in both Madrid and Barcelona. Opening in 2017, they are our most recent developments and serve as testaments to our commitment to bringing our high quality services to every jurisdiction within our expanding reach. We understood that having Spanish-based offices would offer significant opportunities for our clients to target inbound and outbound investments in the Spanish and European economies.

Our local teams are skilled in various asset classes and especially well-versed in real estate PropCo projects. With the ability to service every entity within your structure, Alter Domus Spain will allow you to rest assured, knowing your team is skilled in the nuances of your business.

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Av. Diagonal 605, 7ª
Barcelona, Barcelona 08028, ES
P: +34 936 20 27 01
Calle Orense, 34, 10th floor
Madrid, Madrid 28020, ES
P: +34 91 835 4300

Key Contact in Spain

Oscar Garcia, Country Executive for Spain & Portugal

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Alter Domus Services

With the flexibility to build a model to fit your specific needs, we offer administration solutions across your entire value chain.

Setup / Divestment Services

Fund launch support

Governance & Business Support

Corporate secretarial (CoSec)
Director mandates / independent directors
Office services (BOS)
Trustee services

Investor Services

Investor relations
KYC services
Register of beneficial owners
Transfer agency
Specific reporting
LP services

Depositary Services

Cash monitoring

Cash Management

Cash monitoring and cash management
Accounts payable approval process

Cortland DCM Solutions

Agency services
Asset-based loan (ABL) servicing
Bank loan data
Borrowing base calculation
CLO collateral administration
CLO manager services
Credit due diligence and analysis
Credit monitoring and reviews
Loan / bond / swap administration
Successor agent services
Trade settlement

Accounting & Reporting

Corporate accounting
Fund accounting / NAV
Industry-specific reporting (INREV / NCREIF / ILPA)
IFRS services
Statutory audit

Asset Servicing

Property data integration
Property accounting
Real estate loan servicing
Interest calculations and payment notices
Covenant monitoring

Middle Office Services
Middle office operations
Treasury management (fund level)

Administration Services

Fund administration
Fund of fund administration
Managed account administration
Carried vehicles
Co-investment vehicles for partners

AIFM / ManCo

Passporting and distribution
Portfolio management
Regulatory reporting
Risk management and transitional services

Tax & Regulatory Reporting

AIFMD reporting
Corporate tax
Other regulators and central banks reporting
Transfer pricing

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Alter Domus - Your Partner for Growth

The alternative fund industry is changing quickly. When opportunities arise, you need a partner you can rely on. Whether you manage a small stand-alone fund with a limited number of investments or a large multi-billion dollar buyout fund with a complex stream of investments in multiple jurisdictions, we have the tools to help you venture further.


We know how quickly our clients’ needs can change because of evolving regulations, emerging trends and their own strategic direction. They require a partner with the ambition to grow alongside them, but most importantly, they need one that they can trust.


Our 2,500 employees include professionals from the fields our clients operate in. With people who’ve worked first-hand in private equity, real estate, and debt, we’re right on the pulse of our clients’ needs.


By leveraging best-in-class technology—whether it be an off-the-shelf solution or one built in-house—we have the tools at our disposal to ensure our clients can take advantage of opportunities as they arise. From alternative asset managers and lenders to family offices, we address each client’s needs with a laser-like focus.

Service Suite

Our range of services spans the entire value chain of alternative investment structures. We deliver asset and portfolio solutions ranging from agency services, CLO collateral administration, and credit and structured product services to corporate services, depositary services, fund administration and management company services.

Vertical Integration

Our vertically integrated solution allows us to service every entity across the entire value chain, thus eliminating the disruption caused by engaging with multiple third-party service providers across different jurisdictions.

Global Network

We’ve long committed ourselves to going where our clients needed us to be by establishing a presence in world’s most strategic business jurisdictions. Through our global network of more than 30 offices in 20 countries, we’re always poised to scale alongside your business.

At Alter Domus, we aim to be your growth partner.

Client Segments

- Private Equity & Infrastructure

Our private equity team delivers a full spectrum of services adding value throughout the fund lifecycle.

The operational complexities of private equity funds require tailored and reliable financial and regulatory reporting. At each stage of a fund’s lifecycle, and for each component within that fund, immediate access to real time data is essential. It offers fund managers invaluable insight for informed decision making and provides investors with a complete picture of assets at every level.

Private equity regulatory and reporting requirements are onerous and increasingly fund managers relying on third party administrators to help ease the burden. As investors continue to seek greater levels of in-depth analysis and demand full data transparency, Alter Domus is bringing process innovation and streamlined solutions to meet our clients’ dynamic needs.

We understand the unique requirements of each private equity fund and the challenges complex fund structures can present. With our established expertise in this specialist asset class, clients can focus on their strategic investment goals and fund performance, while we deliver operational excellence and first-class financial reporting.

Recognised as a leader in the field Alter Domus manages high volumes of data and stays on top of an evolving regulatory landscape with skill and professional precision. By drawing together the latest technology with the best talent, we have built a private equity team designed to deliver a full spectrum of services adding value throughout the fund lifecycle.
Download our Private Equity Solutions brochure.

* Our credentials

Serving 14 of the 20 largest private equity firms in the world
Administering over 800 private equity funds with more than USD 150bn in assets under administration
Administering 75 infrastructure funds with more than USD 45bn in assets under administration
More than 4,000 structures under administration as part of private equity and infrastructure strategies
More than 1,000 private equity professionals make up our team

- Real Estate

At Alter Domus, we bring the breadth and depth of experience needed to support this highly specialised asset class.

Real Estate Solutions

From property accounting to fund level reporting, investor services to regulatory and tax compliance, the specific obligations and distinct services real estate demands, require skilled professionals with deep sector knowledge. Alongside an ongoing investment in technology, developing in-house the scope of expertise needed can be costly.

Whether outsourcing all, or a part of business functions, a fully integrated, bespoke solution allows fund managers to focus on core investment decisions and fundamental real estate activities. By tapping into expertise across all specialist service areas, and with access to dedicated real estate systems and processes, fund managers can deliver greater cost efficiencies, sharper investor services and faster scalability in line with portfolio growth. Leveraging the vast expertise and knowledge of more than 800 professionals worldwide, our people, processes and technology are all geared towards tailored real estate solutions for all situations.

Through vertical integration and purpose-built technology, we can support every element at every level of the value chain - property, structuring, fund administration, asset. Dynamic growth lies at the heart of our offering with customised solutions built to fit each client’s unique needs and designed to adapt to expanding portfolios. Whatever opportunities or obstacles our clients may face, at Alter Domus the systems, talent and specialist skills are already in place wherever they are needed.

Download our Real Estate Solutions brochure.

* Our credentials

Serving 18 of the 20 of the world's largest real estate firms
Over USD 110bn in real estate assets under administration
More than 800 real estate specialists across 20 countries
More than 4,000 real estate entities including funds, separate accounts, financing vehicles, holding and property companies under administration
Administering a variety of underlying assets including offices, hotels, retail and shopping centres, industrial and logistics, residential, development projects and more

- Debt Capital Markets

At Alter Domus, we bring industry expertise and in-depth insight to our clients’ diverse debt portfolios.

Following a decade of unprecedented growth, debt capital markets continue to boom. Innovative investment vehicles emerge, structured finance and securitisation capabilities expand and diverse new routes for funding the real economy develop.

Against this dynamic background opportunities for institutions, investors and issuers are constantly increasing with demand for private debt funds showing no sign of slowing. Robust reporting and accounting systems to administer the many moving parts and complexities of debt funds are critical for operational efficiency and transparency. Significant market and industry experience is essential to understand business needs, while best-in-class technology delivers bespoke solutions and comprehensive support.

As a leading full-service provider in the alternative investment universe, Alter Domus brings an unrivalled depth of knowledge to this specialist field. The addition of Cortland DCM Solutions to our service suite ensures clients receive complete, tailored debt capital market solutions.

From administering syndicated loans to servicing distressed and credit opportunities, our expert teams and platform are built around supporting complex trading strategies. With immediate access to real time data, vigorous borrower and lender reporting and fully integrated workflows, we bring industry expertise and in-depth insight to our clients’ diverse debt portfolios.

And, as institutions and investors continue to embrace private debt instruments in this ultra-low interest rate environment, we will continue to deliver smart solutions, strategic thinking and first-class service levels.

Download our Debt Capital Markets Solutions brochure.

* Our credentials

Serving 15 of the 20 largest private debt managers in the world
Debt capital markets assets under administration totaling more than USD 385bn
Over 850 entities under administration including SPVs, AIFs, and securitisation vehicles
More than 400 specialist debt professionals across multiple jurisdictions
Porfolio of underlying assets and strategies including renewable, real estate, SMEs, infrastructure, microfinance, venture, peer2peer lending, and more

- Private Clients

A professional, bespoke service designed to manage multi-asset investments for our private clients.

The administration of private wealth requires an extensive knowledge of the range of investment vehicles, international structures and asset classes available to ultra-high net worth individuals or family offices.

Portfolios are often a wide mix of global assets, companies and trusts actively managed to both grow and protect wealth. Understanding the global regulatory environment and international fiduciary requirements underpins the professional administration of an efficient and coordinated personal wealth portfolio. Tailor made, practical and flexible solutions are designed to adapt to both changing circumstances and the prevailing economic climate.

At Alter Domus our Private Clients team works directly with our established international network of specialists in real estate, private equity, debt and alternative assets. Drawing together their expertise we are ideally placed to provide comprehensive and insightful solutions to the management of complex portfolios.

Through detailed analytics and effective and timely risk management we bring valuable meaning to the numbers and trends of the underlying portfolio assets. We offer more than a simple administration function but provide clear perspective on the portfolio’s activity and growth. A professional, bespoke service designed to manage multi-asset investments.

- Corporates & Multinationals

Alter Domus has the reach and the knowledge to meet the complex requirements of today’s corporate world.

In an ever-changing regulatory landscape, multinational corporations and alternative investment firms alike continue to face growing demands for stronger corporate governance and greater compliance standards. As stakeholders and regulators seek increasingly detailed data, thorough reporting and clear risk analyses, global institutions must adhere to local statutory requirements in a number of different jurisdictions and regions. The expertise and resources needed to meet these multiple regulatory obligations is extensive and an in-depth knowledge of local jurisdictions is essential.

With an established presence in key jurisdictions around the world and access to a large international network of local partners, Alter Domus has the reach and the knowledge to meet the complex requirements of today’s corporate world. Our automated processes, integrated systems and streamlined procedures work seamlessly to deliver coordinated and compliant accounting and reporting.

We offer a comprehensive range of professional services to our wide client base which includes many of the world’s most prominent multinational corporations and alternative investment firms. Dedicated teams with a deep understanding of the regulatory environment track developments across jurisdictions to identify and adjust client requirements accordingly.

At Alter Domus we have wide-ranging capabilities and the capacity to respond quickly and efficiently to legislative change around the world. We are proactive, professional and ideally placed to respond to all our clients’ corporate governance needs.

* Our credentials

Over 1,000 SPVs under administration as part of corporate structures including holding companies and financing vehicles
10% of all structures we administer are part of corporate structures
Serving more than 450 multinational corporations

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