AEBAN is the Spanish Association of Business Angels Networks. Established in November 2008 under the Spanish Law 1/2002, AEBAN's main mission is to promote Angel Investment in Spain and to support Business Angel Networks to develop their activity in Spain.

Currently AEBAN associates 38 networks of Business Angels from 11 different autonomous regions of Spain. These networks represent around 2,000 investors and together raised over € 40 million in startup investments last year.

  • Area of Activity
  • Business Angels Investors in Computer Software and Hardware
  • Business Angels Investors in Technology sector
  • Business Angels Investors in Consumer Services
  • Business Angels Investors in Healthcare and Medical sector
  • Business Angels Investors in Chemical sector and Plastic materials
  • Business Angels Investors in Consumer Products sector
  • Business Angels Investors in Internet and technological companies
  • Business Angels Investors in Energy sector
  • Business Angels Investors in Electronics sector
  • Business Angels Investors in Construction business and Real Estate
  • Business Angels Investors in Banking and Financial Services business
  • Business Angels Investors in Automobile sector, Industry and Robotics
  • Business Angels Investors in Food and Beverage sector
  • Business Angels Investors in Agriculture, Livestock and Fishing sectors
  • Business Angels Investors in Transport industry and logistics
  • Business Angels Investors in Multimedia business
  • Business Angels Investors in Industrial Services
  • Business Angels Investors in Environment and Natural Resources
  • Business Angels Investors in Industrial Products business
  • Business Angels Investors in Press Sector and Communications
  • Business Angels Investors in Hospitality, Tourism and Leisure sector
  • Business Angels Investors in Biotechnology
  • Business Angels Investors - General
  • Company type
  • Business Angels
Paseo de Recoletos, 14 – 7ª planta.
Madrid, Madrid 28001, ES
P: 617924067

General Assembly and Board of Directors

AEBAN is organized around the General Assembly of Members and the Board of Directors. The General Assembly meets twice a year and the Board of Directors meets as often as convened.

The General Assembly of Members is the supreme governing body of AEBAN. It is composed of all its members, either associate members or adhered members. Each partner of AEBAN has an equal vote.

The Board is the body responsible for the management and representation of AEBAN. Democratically elected by its members in the General Assembly, the Board is composed of a President, a Vice President, a Secretary, a Treasurer and a limited number of spokespersons, elected by the members of AEBAN.

In addition, the Board may create working committees in order to achieve its goals more efficiently and effectively.

AEBAN main goals:

  • Bringing together Business Angels Networks in Spain.
  • To become a platform for exchanging information, experiences and projects between representatives of Business Angels Networks, Public Administration, educational institutions and any other entities or institutions interested in the aims of AEBAN.
  • Assistance in the promotion and exchange of investment projects.
  • Take a leading role as the main interlocutor between Business Angels networks, public or private institutions, and the Public Administration when it comes to issues related to promoting the activity of Business Angels.
  • To be connected with other international associations and networks, in particular with the European Business Angel Networks (EBAN).
  • Identify, promote and share "best practices" in the working procedures of business angels networks and carrying out investment processes.
  • To promote Learning and Knowledge oriented activities among the members of AEBAN.
  • To encourage reflection and debate on specific issues concerning Business Angels.
  • Disseminate information about Business Angels and Business Angels Networks.
  • To support and promote the publication of studies and regular reports about the private investment market.

Benefits for AEBAN members:

AEBAN offers to its members the opportunity to share experiences with other entities interested in developing the Business Angels market in Spain. In addition, AEBAN stands in representation of their interests to promote the activity of Business Angels and Business Angels networks in a framework of an independent and democratically organized association.

Associate member

Those entities that carry out investment activity in initial stages: networks, groups and clubs of investors, companies and investment funds interested in seed capital operations and early stage investments, accelerators, incubators and crowdfunding platforms.

Adhered member

Those other entities interest in promoting the goals and activities of the Association.