Javier Martínez de Irujo takes the lead on Axon ICT III fund

by Axon Partners Group

Javier Martínez tiene más de 12 años de experiencia en capital de riesgo, desarrollo corporativo y mercados de capital, habiendo trabajado tanto en empresas de primer orden como en startups (PwC, S...

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New agreement signed between EIF and Inveready Technology Investment Group to finance companies listed on alternative markets

by Inveready

The new guarantee agreement will allow Inveready Convertible Finance to grant €20 million in convertible bonds to European small businesses in the next 2 years. The Spanish fund will focus on compan...

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Africa Capital Digest - The Weekly Wrap, February 12th, 2018

by Allan Cunningham

Some of Africa's larger private capital investment firms were involved in deals last week. And there were a couple of firsts too - a debut deal for a new fund and final close for a first-time fund, (a...

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McKinsey analysis confirms record-breaking year for private equity with the return of the megafund, but growing pains continue as sector looks to innovate

by McKinsey & Company

​McKinsey & Company has published its 2018 annual review of private markets that confirms global fundraising and assets under management (AUM) reached record highs in 2017, while managers once again...

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Nace Easo Ventures, el primer capital riesgo privado de Gipuzkoa, que invertirá en pymes vascas


Impulsado por reconocidos profesionales, Easo Ventures levanta 15 millones en dos meses | Sus responsables apelan a la necesidad de «crear una industria financiera en Euskadi» para ayudar a crecer a...

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Mastertech invierte en ocho fondos de España, Francia y Gran Bretaña

by Mastertech Capital SCR

Las ocho inversiones de la sociedad de capital riesgo suman 4,8 millones de euros, lo que significa que ya se han consumido buena parte de los recursos comprometidos con los que arrancó Mastertech, q...

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Africa Capital Digest - The Weekly Wrap, February 19th, 2018

by Allan Cunningham

While the last two weeks have seen some of Africa's larger private capital investment firms making transactions, it was the turn of the smaller funds this week. And they came from all over the contine...

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Banco Sabadell invierte en 52 startups de base tecnológica con sus tres vehículos especializados

by Banco Sabadell

Banco Sabadell suma en su cartera de startups participadas 52 compañías de base tecnológica mediante sus tres instrumentos de inversión en startups: BStartup10, Sabadell Venture Capital e InnoCapi...

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El capital riesgo español pone el foco en Portugal

by Expansión

Los fondos españoles de capital riesgo están enfocando a Portugal con una intensidad nunca vista. Algunos ya habían hecho compras antes en el país vecino, pero ahora han otorgado un lugar privileg...

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Africa Capital Digest - The Weekly Wrap, February 26th, 2018

by Allan Cunningham

Well last week proved a quiet week, deal-wise. The second one this year. We've put it down to Winter Break or Half-term in some of the major centres for private capital investing in Africa. Of the dea...

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El ICO lanza la décima convocatoria de Fond-ICO Global a través de AXIS

by ICO - Instituto de Crédito Oficial

El ICO a través de Axis, su Sociedad Gestora de Capital Privado, ha lanzado la décima convocatoria de Fond-ICO Global, el primer Fondo de Fondos público de capital privado creado en España. El com...

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Africa Capital Digest - The Weekly Wrap, March 05th, 2018

by Allan Cunningham

In terms of deal value, the prizes this week went to two private equity-backed businesses...one new and the other well-established. Denham Capital is responsible for the newer of the two.

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3i closes second European CLO, Harvest V...

by 3i Group

3i Group plc (“3i” or “3i Group”), an international investor, ...

Grupo Eurotex Consolidates its Presence ...


To this end, COFIDES will provide a joint investment loan of 200,000 e...

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