InnoCells renews its commitment to Bud in a $20M funding round

by InnoCells

The corporate venturing vehicle of Banco Sabadell has entered a funding round for 20 million dollars (around 17.5 million euros) in the British platform, together with other global banks such as Goldm...

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InnoCells moves into the Mexican market through an investment in digital payment platform UnDosTres

by InnoCells

InnoCells, the hub of new digital ventures and corporate venture arm of Banco Sabadell, has participated in an investment round of 121 million Mexican Pesos (around $6,5 million) in the Mexican startu...

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InnoCells invests €7.5M in Cardumen Capital fund

by InnoCells

Created in 2017 and regulated by the National Securities Market Commission (CNMV), the venture capital fund offers unique access to cutting edge technology on an international scale via the Israeli ma...

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InnoCells lidera una ronda de 1 millón de euros en la startup Biometric Vox

by InnoCells

El hub de negocios digitales de Banco Sabadell realiza su primera inversión en España, tras entrar en la británica Bud. En la ronda participan, junto a InnoCapital –el vehículo de corporate vent...

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Banco Sabadell, through Innocells, creates its own startups and technology factory

by Banco Sabadell

InnoCells company acts as a business builder, creating and fostering new digital ventures. The company collaborates with startups and big corporates and make digital strategic investments to accelerat...

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