This investment vehicle promoted by the investor and technology consultant Marc Vidal and the investment funds lawyer Carlos Guerrero, with partners like Carlos Blanco, Daniel Lacalle, Risto Mejide or Marc Ros among other prominent names, has just published two new investments which are, the vertical marketplace, a leader in multi-brand kidswear, Offemily and the second one Deliberry the succesful home delivery startup.

With these two new additions to its investment portfolio, they have five investees since this investment vehicle went public. Idodi Venture Capital is consolidating within the Spanish venture capital as one of the most active players in the current technology investment scene.

Deliberry, born within the Antai group, responsible for hits like Wallapop or LetsBonus, accumulates since its inception 3 million in public and private funding. It is the Spanish leader in its category, being the pioneer in importing to Spain a model that is having a great success in the US and that's is expanding worldwide. The round in which IVC has entered falls with a media for equity with Grupo Godo, and the entry of Samaipata and Sputnik. This will let the company to open markets such as Madrid, Paris, Rome and Milan, with an expected growth in 2016 of 500% and multiplying the turnover by five by 2017.

Idodi Venture Capital has been an investor of reference in the round that Offemily has done through the Startupxplore platform, well received by investors, closing it with 120% of the planned capital acquisition.

These two investments are added to the other investments already reported a few months ago which are: LetMeSpace, Kompyte and ThePaypro. Three companies that started its internationalization process towards the anglosaxon market.

According what says his Chairman, Marc Vidal, "We will continue betting on interesting projects that have that look to the Anglosaxon market. We are confident that the investment portfolio we have, follows very well these parameters, and the collaboration agreements we have reached with public and private irish entities for the development of a startups incubator with a spanish origin will help us to detect firsthand other interesting projects that could have that focus of growth "

Idodi Venture Capital has disbursed near 100,000 euros in these operations that will be added to other planned for the coming weeks, when they hope to make new investments, all in the digital area.

On the other hand Idodi Venture Capital has expanded its team of partners involving two lawyers also specialized in the digital field and advicing to startups, Donna Alcala and Oriol Giró. Both partners have direct presence in Andorra and indirect in many other countries, especially in the European environment, where they advice different startups and investors. Their incorporation will channel the information to investors of southern Europe that lately have been interested in adding Idodi Venture Capital to their investment portfolios and in the same way consolidating Andorra as a place of reference for their investments.

Fuente: Idodi Venture Capital

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