Blockchain Technology has strongly broken in recent years in all areas of the economy. The blockchain is a way of storing transaction information, they are recorded on the internet, they are immovable, they cannot be modified or deleted. There are many applications and definitions.

Our company tries to develop Decentralized Applications focused on Food Production, there are very large quantities, figures, volume, values in this sector so important in people's lives.

Known figures (rounding).

50,000,000 inhabitants Spain * 365 days * 1.5 kgs person / day = 27,375,000 tons of food are needed (we mean meat, milk, cereals, vegetables, fruits, legumes, etc.)

Hectares of land, cattle, machinery, people, for such production.

The Blockchain and the Decentralized Technology itself that eliminates intermediaries and develops the Peer to Peer or Peer-to-Peer Network makes transactions develop directly Person to Person, closing at that same time the work or transaction, information executed.

For such development are necessary and to execute the transactions are necessary tokens, symbols, tokens, which are the ones that are transacted and represent the value proper or done.

Link to existing Tokens or Tokens in the Market at this time. Coinmarket

Our Tokens, Tokens, Representative Actions can be PURCHASED:

Business Agreements for an important purchase of more than 10% of the Tokens.

Wire transfer. Contact for account information and registration data (KYC).

Through our exchange of reference with Ethereum (

The price of our FICHAS is 0.003 ETH.

Our Capital is stored 40% BITCOIN, 40% ETHEREUM, 20% EUROS.


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