This spring is the 12th anniversary of ALBIA CAPITAL PARTNERS´ creation, born with the aim of supporting and accompanying entrepreneurs and shareholders in such important decisions as ” what to do with my business, how to make it grow , how to fund projects, walk alone or together , etc … ” .

Today we are all aware that the industry is a value to preserve and enhance and that solving the problem of business continuity, increasing in size or globalizing business are issues that concern entrepreneurs, investors, executives and public entities or society in general.

The origin of ALBIA CAPITAL PARTNERS was based on the lack of specialized professionals to address these entrepreneurs´ concerns by designing the most appropriate solutions and accompanying them in their implementation, sharing successes and failures.

Until 2007, things were relatively simple, with a dynamic business environment and abundance of financial resources that encouraged corporate deals. It is from 2008 on , that the consequences of a global crisis, the need to seriously address the structural problems of businesses, and the need to adopt strategies at the corporate level or seek new markets were acknowledged. Likewise, it was particularly relevant to tackle the business continuity challenge and the professionalization of decision making in a correct manner.

In this period, management difficulties, isolation of entrepreneurs in dealing with drastic or risky decisions and the lack of understanding and support in some cases were visible. Capabilities to solve problems, courage to confront solutions and effort were needed to make the most of adverse situations.

Today things have improved, and we are used to managing in uncertain environments where globalization is a fact to be reckoned with. These circumstances are forcing businesses to address new challenges which demand growth in size (size is relevant) for which having a well-defined corporate strategy is a key issue.

During these 12 years, ALBIA CAPITAL PARTNERS has been able to support its clients, providing them with judgment, solutions, and ultimately value , helping to achieve those challenges for which it was retained. In this regard,

• The 60 sell side/ buy side or capital raising projects successfully closed

  • The 52 investment projects and valuations analyzed
  • Participation as Professional Counselors of a number of companies
  • The 20 Restructuring, Refinancing and Feasibility Plans
  • The 23 Reassessement on Corporate Strategy business that we have led
  • are a source of pride and shows that the idea of the creation of ALBIA CAPITAL PARTNERS was not mistaken.

    We have grown and created a powerful and balanced team that combines technical skill , knowledge, youth and experience : A team in which values of dedication to our client , hard work , honesty and independence , which are our hallmarks, are shared.

    For the next years we want to be the leading operator in the M&A middle market with an important international projection, maintaining the same spirit of proximity and understanding with our clients.

    We want to thank all our clients who have trusted ALBIA CAPITAL PARTNERS with their projects , without who we could not have celebrated this anniversary.


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